Windy or colicky baby? Try this!

Massage can be an amazing way to help your baby relax, but did you know that it can also help ease wind-pain and constipation?

Try this three-step routine - known as the "I Love You" sequence - to help relieve a bloated tummy. 

As you are practising this sequence don't forget to maintain eye contact with your baby and say the words "I love you" as you go. And, remember, consistency is key when it comes to massage. If your baby has especially bad wind pain, aim to use the sequence twice a day.

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When it comes to choosing an oil for massaging your baby, we recommend using something that is plant-based. Avoid mineral oil which can clog the pores and doesn't provide any nourishing skin benefits. 

When starting out, our unscented Organic Newborn Bath & Massage Oil is a good choice. Research suggests that unscented oils are the best choice for newborn massage - the smell of mum is all a little baby needs at this young age!