Summer skin care for baby

There's no doubting that Summer is well-and-truly here in Australia! While many of us are gearing up to take a break over Christmas, it is important to remember that the warmer weather can wreak havoc on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Here’s our top summer skin care tips for keeping bubba’s skin soft and smooth these holidays.  

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

We often associate dry skin with winter, but babies can experience dryness in the summer months too. Baby skin is much thinner than ours, and can easily dry out as a result of time in the swimming pool and air conditioning. To prevent itchy and parched skin, keep your baby’s skin hydrated with a good-quality moisturiser. We recommend our Organic Soothing Baby Lotion. It provides intense hydration without making the skin too greasy.  

Little Bairn Soothing Baby Lotion

Target heat rash

Prickly heat rash is really common during the summer months. It is caused by clogged sweat glands, and appears as red bumps on the skin – often on the face, neck and upper torso. Prevent heat rash by keeping your baby in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. If they do end up with a rash, cool them down by removing their clothing and putting them in a tepid bath. Keep the skin clean by washing with a mild cleanser, such as our Organic Gentle Baby Wash.

Reduce excess exposure   

It goes without saying that babies should be kept out of the sun as much as possible. In fact, experts recommend babies should be kept out of direct sunlight for the first six months of life. When you do go out in the sun over Summer, keep your baby covered using loose-fitting clothing and a hat (or, better still, under the shade of a tree or your stroller canopy). Infant sunscreen can be used on those areas that cannot be covered with clothes.

 Little Bairn Baby Skincare

Sun's out, bums out!

The Summer heat can result in more skin irritations in babies, in particular nappy rash. To reduce the risk of nappy rash, embrace the heat and give your baby as much nappy-free time as possible. When they are in a nappy, use baby powder and/or a barrier balm more frequently. We recommend our Natural Baby Powder and Bottom Balm.