Skin Spotlight: Intertrigo

Skin complaints are commonplace in babies. Their skin is still developing, making it highly susceptible to redness and irritation. One condition that we're all familiar with is that pesky rash that can appear in the skin folds. We're used to just referring to it as chafing, but did you know that it has a medical term? Intertrigo can be really uncomfortable for a baby, but here's how you can identify and treat it.

What is intertrigo? 

A rash that occurs in a baby's skin folds, most commonly under the armpits and around the neck and/or thighs. It can also appear behind the ears, and presents as red and weepy. Sometimes the rash can also become infected.

What causes intertrigo?

Intertrigo is caused by excess moisture, often from dribble, sweat or milk. When this moisture collects in a baby’s skin folds it is not given the opportunity to dry and causes friction. These areas are also warm, creating a welcome environment for bacteria.  

How to treat intertrigo? 

Try to keep the affected area as dry and clean as possible. Wash with water, remembering that the area might be very delicate and sore (gently pat, don’t rub). Once the area is clean, apply a barrier balm to protect the skin. 

Try our Bottom Balm. It contains certified organic calendula and evening primrose oils to soothe red and inflamed skin, as well as tea tree oil to fight fungal infections. 

Our Natural Baby Powder may also be used to keep the skin dry and prevent chafing. This product is made using white Australian clay. Avoid cornflour-based powders as bacteria can thrive on the flour and make the infection worse.