Hospital bag essentials for you, Mama!

You’ve no doubt dreamt about the birth of your baby for months now, planning it all down to the slightest detail. Your hospital bag is probably no exception; however, it’s important not to forget your own personal comforts when packing (easily done when you’re busy thinking about your new bundle’s coming home outfit!)

We want to ensure you’re prepared and looked after in every aspect, so go ahead and check out our list of essentials for expecting mums. After all, you’re the one doing the ground work, mama!



While all hospitals supply bedding, a familiar pillow or blanket may help alleviate sleep deprivation and stress. By acting as a home comfort remedy, it can make you more comfortable in an otherwise unhomely environment.



You don’t have to bring the whole kit and caboodle but you can make sure you have those items that make you feel the most comfortable. We recommend a natural lip balm (your lips will get dry with all that deep breathing!), lightweight moisturiser, hair ties and bobby pins. It’s also nice to have your own body wash to use in the shower after the birth, as well as shampoo and conditioner.



Making yourself as comfortable as possible is key to a relaxed hospital stay. Make sure you pack warm clothes, comfy pyjamas, a dressing gown and slippers. You should also remember maternity bras, pads (some hospitals supply these but the shop bought ones are often more effective), and underwear. If you’re having a caesarean, make sure you pack large knickers that sit comfortably around your incision.   



Essentials oils are a great way to help you through your labour. We recommend our Organic Calming Labour Blend which can be diffused into the air or added to a tissue and inhaled during each contraction. With notes of cedarwood, citrus, lavender and chamomile it works to reduce anxiety and restore focus. After the birth it can be used to help you wind down and sleep (you’ll need all the rest you can get!)



One of our most beloved products is our Calm Mama Face Mist, specially formulated to leave mums feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as they face the daily challenges of motherhood. It’s also especially helpful during labour, however. Spritz your face regularly to help cool down and restore your focus.




Your baby will spend a lot of time feeding in the initial days as she works to bring in your milk. A nipple balm is a must to help keep your nipples soft and protected. Lactation cookies are also a great idea to help bring your milk in, and also make a great middle of the night snack if you’re feeling peckish (hot tip – breastfeeding will leave you feeling HUNGRY!)



These days our phones and ipads are attached to our hips, but don’t forget to bring chargers for all your necessities! You don’t want to miss out on any of those essential newborn snaps!


We’re here to guide you ever step of the way, new mamas. Good luck!

Images: @wyldefolkstudio_ with @aliceinhealthyland