Five ways to self care in five minutes

Little Bairn self care

Let's be real - as a busy mama the idea of practising self care can seem like a total pipe dream. In the throes of motherhood something like a manicure, a solo trip to the movies, or even a hot bath can feel unmanageable and, in the end, daily practices of self care simply go by the wayside.

But when you're feeling overwhelmed, what if you could dedicate just five minutes to an activity that helps you refocus and invests in your personal happiness?

Self care doesn't have to take half a day and involve a trip to a day spa. Here's our top five self care ideas that you can practise in under five minutes:

      1. Try a five-minute breathing or muscle relaxing exercise
        A mini meditation is great for the mind and can help you feel calmer and less stressed. It may also help you remain more focussed during the day and sleep better at night. Try one of these short, downloadable exercises from Beyond Blue.

      2. Spend five minutes journalling
        The benefits of journalling are well documented. It can reduce stress, boost your mood and help you find self-expression. Did you know it can also improve your immune function and better your memory? What are you waiting for?!

      3. Go for a walk
        Walk out the front door and walk two minutes down the road, then turn around and walk the two minutes home. The benefits of walking - even over very short distances - are profound. Research suggests that a five minute walk can boost your mood and help you feel more energised. 

      4. Apply a face mask
        No time for the day spa? Bring the spa to you! Five minutes is all you need to apply a revitalising sheet mask. Using a mask can help wake up a tired face, and the practice of applying it can help you feel just a little bit indulgent.

      5. Read a book
        Pick up a book and spend five minutes reading. According to research, reading for as little as five minutes can have a positve impact on your state of mind.