Caitlin asks: My 7.5-month-old has recently started waking at night after a couple of months of sleeping through. At first I assumed she was waking because of teeth so I fed her back to sleep. The only problem is now she has started waking more regularly - sometimes every two hours and I am so, so tired!

I have been feeding her each time she wakes but am worried this is making it worse. Should I try to stop feeding her and, if so, how!? I have a toddler in the house and am afraid she will wake him up!



Jo (sleep expert) says: This is a really common problem. Babies over six months get very attached to being assisted to sleep, particularly fed back to sleep overnight, quickly!

My suggestion would be to stop all the night feeding before 4am. Just pat her back to sleep. It will take a while the first night but she will always go back to sleep. Don't leave her, just sit beside her and pat her until she is asleep. After a few nights the waking should stop, or at least reduce. 

I am pretty sure your toddler won't wake but if they do ask your partner to deal with him. It will really only be one hard night then things will improve.

Good luck! - Jo

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