Introducing the Little Bairn ‘Ask an Expert Panel’

Are you a new mum with a question about your baby?

Are you struggling with sleep deprivation?

Do you need some general guidance as you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood?

We have some exciting news this week as we introduce you to the Little Bairn Ask an Expert Panel!

We have teamed up with some amazing professionals who are here to answer your questions – on anything from pregnancy and childbirth to breastfeeding and baby care. Our expert panel includes Jo Ryan, author of BabyBliss; Pippa Buxton, Midwife; and Jamie Hocking, a pregnancy coach and Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

If you have a question for our panel, submit it to us at

Questions and answers will be posted on our website and Facebook page, although you may remain anonymous. Over time, we hope the growing collection of Q and A's will serve as a great resource for all our mums.

Please note we cannot guarantee that all submitted questions will be answered. If you have immediate concerns for little one, please visit a health professional.

Meet the panel!

 Jo Ryan, ‘Baby whisperer’ and founder of BabyBliss

Jo Ryan is a parenting and baby expert with more than 20 years experience working as a pediatric nurse. She has also worked as a full-time nanny in Australia and overseas. Jo’s service, BabyBliss, was established in 2004 and provides advice and support to families struggling with their baby’s sleep. 

Her individual and very gentle approach to getting babies to sleep better has earned her widespread praise and the title of ‘baby whisperer’. Jo’s book of the same name is a best seller and provides parents with advice on sleeping, settling and establishing sensible routines. See

Do you have a question about your baby’s sleep or routines? Ask Jo! 



Pippa Buxton, Midwife and Director of Little Eco Nest

Pippa Buxton is a Midwife and Mother of two. In her role as Midwife she has 

attended more than 300 births and worked in the community providing breastfeeding counselling and birth debriefing services. 

Pippa launched the Little Eco Nest community in 2006. It combines an online shop selling natural and environmentally friendly products, together with a blog providing support and advice on eco living and natural parenting. See

Do you have a question about baby care, breastfeeding or natural parenting? Ask Pip!



Jamie Hocking, Pregnancy coach and Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner

Jamie Hocking is a mother of two and the Director of Mindful Pregnancy, a service that provides pregnancy coaching and hypnobirthing classes. 

Jamie has previously overcome depression and anxiety during pregnancy, giving her the inspiration to help other women achieve a state of emotional wellbeing and empowerment throughout their pregnancy and into motherhood. See

Do you have a question about pregnancy and/or empowered birthing? Ask Jamie!